WiNGS Dallas – Women Helping Women

WiNGS Dallas – Women Helping Women 150 150 Michael Burke

Over the past couple months I’ve had the pleasure of helping tell the story of WiNGS, a Dallas non-profit with the mission to empower women, fight poverty, and impact generations.…

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Phlox businessmen walking down hallway

Phlox Capital Management

Phlox Capital Management 1920 1080 Michael Burke

I’m happy to share a project I just completed with CM Productions, creating an anthem video and animated explainer for Phlox Capital Management. Phlox is a Dallas-based independent wealth management…

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Asian father and daughter drawing on the sidewalk with chalk

Transamerica’s Tomorrow Chasers

Transamerica’s Tomorrow Chasers 1920 1080 Michael Burke

I recently had the pleasure of creating a video for Transamerica, promoting their Tomorrow Chasers program, which aims to both improve employee health and benefit the American Heart Association. Transamerica…

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Woman in motion capture suit eating like a dinosaur

Terri the T-Rex

Terri the T-Rex 1920 1080 Michael Burke

One of the last things I did before leaving Sarofsky was convince the power that be to let me have a little fun. We were getting an animation project for…

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NPS ranger Lisa Smoky Mountains

What to Expect at Cades Cove

What to Expect at Cades Cove 1920 1080 Michael Burke

Although it’s only a small part of GRSM, Cades Cove attracts more visitors by itself than most national parks in their entirety. You can see all sorts of things like…

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The SCA in Alaska

The SCA in Alaska 1920 1080 Michael Burke

For the past year, I have been working with The Student Conservation Association, travelling around the country to document some of the amazing work young people are doing in our…

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