Stories start with an idea, but sometimes you even need help with that. I love taking on a project from start to finish,  providing an end-to-end video production resource for clients looking to create documentaries and branded content.

A turnkey video production resource for your brand

I love providing a turnkey video production solution for clients looking to create documentaries and branded content. With the right planning and equipment, I can often operate as a one-man-band, keeping your project fast and efficient. For larger undertakings, I’ll call upon some of my favorite producers and creatives, rent any necessary gear, and really take things to the next level to make your vision a reality.


Creative Strategy

Sometimes you know exactly what your brand needs. Sometimes you don’t. Regardless, I love being involved from the very beginning, so that we can work together to determine how best to tell your story and reach your audience.


It’s never as simple as just picking up a camera and shouting, “Action!” The hardest part is often aligning schedules, scouting locations, writing scripts, hiring crew, and making sure everyone is fully prepared so that your project runs smoothly and stays on budget.


Maybe we’ll travel to a far corner of the earth. Maybe we’ll shoot an interview in your conference room. Regardless, we’ll capture beautiful imagery with all the tools necessary, whether it means shooting in 4K, timelapse photography, flying a drone, gimbals, or motion control. And at the end of what is often a long day (or days), we’ll have everything we need to tell your story.


After all the above is said and done, your vision is still just a random assortment of images. And as fun as shooting can be, the real magic happens when we start editing your story. During the editing process, we’ll often make discoveries and come up with creative solutions we had never thought of before, ultimately delivering a finished piece that tells your story and elevates your brand.

Just need a little help?

No problem! I’m happy to join your agency, production company, or team in a single role. Whether you need someone for a quick shoot day or the length of a project, I can provide any of my services a la carte.