CM Productions brought me on to help create content for Phlox Capital Management, a Dallas-based independent wealth management firm that helps people reach their goals by looking at their entire financial situation and well-being, not just managing a portfolio of stocks. This holistic approach to wealth management really sets founder Joe Martinez apart and makes for an excellent story.

I was involved from the very beginning to help with concepting and strategizing what type of marketing and messaging would be most helpful to push Phlox forward. I produced, shot, and edited this anthem video and also wrote and animated the fun “Leaky Bucket” explainer video.

I had a great time working with both Joe and the team at CM Productions and am really proud of the work we created.

The Phlox Anthem


Producer, DP, Editor


Phlox Capital Management


CM Productions, Inc.

Additional Credits:

Mktg Consultant: Fuse Associates
Sound Mix: David Jewell

Behind the Scenes


Bronze - 39th Annual Telly Awards - General Financial Services and Banking