MRM / McCann Detroit came to us with another fun live action spot! This one features a couple racking up CapitalOne points to help them save money toward purchasing a new GM car. To highlight their journey and emphasize their savings, we developed a new flipping technique. That technique allowed us to maximize our live action setups and tell more of the story in a shorter period of time.

The result is a fun spot that not only shows off the perks of shopping with GM’s BuyPower Card… It also shows how effortless and seamlessly a credit card can fit into your life.

In addition to the live action production, which was directed by Erin, we at Sarofsky handled editorial, graphics and finishing. This is a terrific example where the director having a heavy hand in the animation and finishing can both streamline the process and maintain its creative vision from beginning to end.





CapitalOne / GM


McCann Detroit

Production Company:

Sarofsky Corp.

Additional Credits:

Exec Creative Director: Erin Sarofsky
Exec Producer: Steven Anderson
DP: Mike Bove
Line Producer: Stefanie Spiegel
Editor: Jerem Sloan
Illustrator: Katrina Zimmerman
Designer: Tnaya Witmer