Just For Fun


KHAN 1920 1080 Michael Burke

I had a blast taking part in this year’s FilmSupply Challenge, which allows editors access to their high end stock footage to create spec ads and main titles for the…

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Woman in motion capture suit eating like a dinosaur

Terri the T-Rex

Terri the T-Rex 1920 1080 Michael Burke

One of the last things I did before leaving Sarofsky was convince the power that be to let me have a little fun. We were getting an animation project for…

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Top Ten: Things I’ll Miss About Sarofsky

Top Ten: Things I’ll Miss About Sarofsky 630 360 Michael Burke

Guest post on Sarofsky.com


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 150 150 Michael Burke

Rather than sending out a traditional Christmas card this year, I decided to go through all my family’s old home videos and photos and cut together a video Christmas card.…

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Impersonating an Officer

Impersonating an Officer 150 150 Michael Burke

There’s many, many perks to having a government vehicle at my disposal. I don’t have to pay for gas. The wear and tear of going up and down mountains isn’t…

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