Sunset Ride with the GoPro Karma Grip

Sunset Ride with the GoPro Karma Grip 1280 720 Michael Burke

Before I had to send my Karma back for the recall, I got the chance to take the Karma Grip for a quick sunset ride around White Rock Lake and was really impressed with the results.

While the Karma Drone turned out to be a dud, I was bummed to have to send back the Karma Grip. It was my first experience with a gimbal, and from my limited testing it worked really well with the GoPro Hero 5. A little bulky and cumbersome for typical action sports use, but a great tool nonetheless. I did notice some overheating issues while I tried to test the overall battery life. After about 45 minutes of constant use, it started shutting itself off automatically to cool down. I’m not sure if that’s something that could be fixed in a firmware update, and most people probably won’t have it running for that long at a time, anyway.

I’m still getting a free Hero 5 as an apology from GoPro, so maybe I’ll purchase a Karma Grip one day.

All footage captured on the Hero5 camera using the bicycle mount and Karma Grip. No additional stabilization from the camera or in post.

Music by 909 Music
“Lofi Setting” – Arnav Srivastav

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